5/13/13 – 007 Goes on a Mission!

5/13/13 – 007 Goes on a Mission!

“Where’d that fish run off to?” is a question we’ve been asking for several weeks now.  We located one of the missing fish this past week by reviewing fixed station data provided by the University of Idaho, who operates a series of antenna arrays in the Willamette system.  “007” showed up as at Leaburg Dam (RM 40.0) on 3/1/2013; lingering in the area for about 6 hours.  We got lucky since our transmitters are only active for 2 days per week – he just happened to be passing the antenna when his transmitter was on.   He had previously last been seen on 2/1 at RM 20.8.

Our trackers located him this past week (5/10) at RM 23.1 – back in the study section!  This means that “007” made a remarkable round trip of at least 36 miles in less than three months!  He may well have gone further as we did not pick him up on our telemetry flight on 4/21.

We located our other usual suspects this past week in a float from Taylor’s Landing (RM 28.2) to Bellinger (RM 19.0).

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We kicked off the 4th year of the Mark & Recapture Study on May 1, and early returns from anglers have been good, with several nice rainbow trout caught and lots of action on dry flies.  Stay tuned for updates!