McKenzie River Trout Study

A multi-year study of wild rainbow and cutthroat trout populations in the Lower McKenzie River

This project made possible by dedicated volunteers, ODFW Springfield staff, and generous sponsors.

6/10/14 – 2013 Season Report & Maps
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A  big thanks to all of our volunteers – over 100 in all – who contributed over 2,500 hours to the study effort. Our volunteers caught over 1,900 trout and 1,100 other fish during the course of the study. This study would not...

6/5/14 – 2013 Season Wrap-Up Meeting
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Esteemed citizen scientists,I’m pleased to let you know that the long-rumored Trout Study wrap-up meeting is finally about to happen, surmounting a raft of logistical issues that led to the delay. The meeting will take place on...

9/10/13 – Tag Recovery
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Thanks to Arlen, Shannon, and Jason for the writeups on the past couple weeks’ progress! From 8/30: Following up on clues provided by Scott and Julia’s nifty detective work, last Friday four of us deployed on a casualty...

8/12/13 – The Circle of Life
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We did some aerial tracking last Saturday evening.  On the way back to Creswell, we detected but did not code a tag somewhere in the vicinity of Marcola Road and 28th St. in Springfield.   This weekend, we investigated some of these...

8/3/13 – Dog Days of Summer
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With the summer heat, our fish appear to have settled down for the time being.  We’re still tracking about a dozen fish, including Eeyore, Dasha, Chicago, 007, Sonya, Radio, Stanley, Finn, Lenny, Mike S., Waldo, and Wanda. Check...

6/10/13 – Finn is Alive!
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Our trackers floated from Hendricks to Bellinger on Friday, 6/8, and located eight fish, including Eeyore, Dasha, Sonya, Radio, Finn, Lenny, Waldo, and Wanda.   These fish haven’t moved much in the preceding several weeks.  Finn and...

6/4/13 – Updates!
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We’ve sent out tracking boats the past few weekends, and little has changed with the status of the tracked fish. We are still unable to locate the following: Nigel, Gil, Rusty, Dixie, Sven, Harvey, Ole, and Lloyd.  We do have good...

5/13/13 – 007 Goes on a Mission!
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“Where’d that fish run off to?” is a question we’ve been asking for several weeks now.  We located one of the missing fish this past week by reviewing fixed station data provided by the University of Idaho, who...