Volunteer Effort


Sampling Trips

Angling Hours

An impressive undertaking

Over the course of the four years of the study, 108 volunteer anglers took 277 trips down the 5.1 mile study section.  Records from these trips indicate that volunteers put in a total of 2558.5 hours of angling / sampling time.  The actual number of volunteer hours contributed towards the study is much higher.  Volunteers did much of the study planning, created the study database, input and verified data, tabulated and analyzed the data, produced progress reports and annual reports, created and maintained the study website, and coordinated all of the moving parts.

Professional data collection standards

Training was mandatory for study participants and volunteers were expected to meet professional standards for data accuracy.  At the beginning of each study season, ODFW biologists and volunteer study coordinators held training sessions where volunteer anglers learned how to safely tag and release wild trout.  Volunteers were instructed on proper fish handing, tagging technique, and data collection protocol.

Thank you, volunteers!

It is believed that the Lower McKenzie Wild Trout Population Study is the largest study of its kind which has been conducted primarily with volunteer effort. Thanks to all who participated – this study could not have happened without you.

Let's count some trout!

Estimating wild trout populations isn’t that difficult; provided you can catch enough of them!

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Our Volunteers

Arlen Thomason

Bill Laing

Bob Bumstead

Cris Abbott

Dave Vazquez

Jack Wheeler

Jason Rice

Jason Sagen

Jered Fry

Julia Back

Karl Mueller

Mark Lipchick

Matt Favreault

Matt Olson

Mike Bellmore

Mike Dobberthein

Mike Starr

Milt McNimeny

Monica Mullen

Moon Mullen

Randall Clark

Robert Dusine

Scott Kinney

Steve Brehm

Thomas Pendell

Toby Garber

Bruce Davidson

Chase Millemann

Cody Catherall

Dan Robinhold

Dawn Dowd

Eric Thomas

Erik Moberly

Gary Ladenes

Glen Love

Jeff DeVore

Jesse Ulloa

Jesse Willor

Jim Vandagrift

Kate Waldo

Mark Rauch

Matt Eifler

Patrick Dowd

Sherman Mullen

Steve Laing

Tim Bickler

Tim Knerr

Tony Torrence

Walt Petty

Warren Moran

Todd Gillen

Autumn Rouse

Bob Howell

Brian Cannon

Byron Brown

Chris Hiatt

Clint Brumitt

Dave Thomas

Dennis Boyle

Dwayne Meadows

Gary McKinney

Jacque Buckley

Jeff Laing

Jim Boyd

Jodi Johnson

K. Hans

Ken Johnston

Kester Franklin

Luke Whitman

Maddy Sheehan

Marc Bader

Nate Richardson

Nate Stansberry

Robert Blount

Steve Jacobs

Sue Mattenberg

Aaron Helfrich

Barry Olson

Bill Marshall

Bob Poplin

Bob Rasmussen

Bryndel Olson

Chubb C.

Craig Heaton

Dean Finnerty

Gary V.

Greg Buckley

Jayson Hayes

Jeff Grass

K. Kremers

Kayla Olson

Ken N.

Lloyd Dolby

Marika Waters

Matt C.

Matt Siegmond

Matt Stansberry

Michael Williams

Patton Frier

S. Nyburg

Steve Mealey

Your name WAS on the list, right?

If not, well, maybe next time?

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